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Fender 2008 Custom Shop '58 Telecaster Relic Limited Edition

  • Price:$2469.05

 this is a 2008 fender '58 telecaster custom shop relic.  not to be confused with the custom shop relics that are everywhere these days, and selling (or not) for insane prices.  this was the top of the line when i bought it new.  as you can see from the case, it was a very limited edition. it listed for $5,500.00, and i paid a little over $3,700.00. it has tags and a certificate of authenticity. the accessories (cord, strap etc.) have never been opened. it looks great, plays like a dream, and sounds fantastic.  the ash body is extremely light weight, weighing in at a little over 6 lbs. on my fishing scale. it has a lovely c shape neck, not too meaty, and not too skinny, with just the right amount of lacquer(very light on the fret board, and none at all on the back).  the frets are medium jumbo.  the serial number is r40882.

i have some very nice guitars but this one is easily my favorite, and one of the best i've ever owned. i am only selling it because it has the most value, and i am dealing with an extreme family emergency.  i looked at dozens of custom shop tele relics for over a year, and i was never enticed to buy...until this one.  its the real deal.

i just noticed that some of these pictures were taken before i reversed the pickup selector and volume control.  the pickup selector is now at the rear, and the volume control is in the front and closer to your picking hand for easier volume swells.  this is a very cool improvement, but it can be easily reversed if you desire.  the pickup selector switch has been bent alla danny gatton to make it easier to flip without hitting the volume control.  also easily bent back if you dont like it.  but you probably will.  im including some pictures i