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Fender Deluxe Telecaster 1998

  • Price:$9500.00

this is it.  yes your eyesdo not deceive you.  try doing a searchon ebay, or the internet, for a 1998 deluxe telecaster and see if you can finda photo for this guitar or better yet, for sale!

you will see a lot of ads for a 1998 telecaster and find theimitations but never the real deal as people are trying to make an easy buck onthe na?ve.  so here you are, the realdeal. 

this baby was only made in 1998 and it the rare teal greentransparent model.  the body is made fromash.  the next is maple with a rosewoodfretboard and pearloid inlays.  it comeswith 3 fender noiseless pickups.  at hasa 5-way switch and minin coil tap switch that gives a total of seven differentpickup combinations.   comes with theoriginal tolex hardshell case. 

this baby is for sale for a very high price for good reason,it is a rarity.  do not contact me or tryto bid for anything other than the listing price as i am only listing this tocheck the serious interest out there.  ihave no problem putting this baby back in my vault for another ten years.

as you can see from my history, i have only bothered to sellquality products in the mainland united states only, but this baby will be theonly guitar i decide to offer internationally for obvious reasons.