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Fender Telecaster Style Semi-Hollow Body Unfinished

  • Price:$266.00

"fender tele style" semi-hollow unfinished body

this "fender tele style" semi-hollow body is made with northern white ash which is more dense than swamp ash and will give you a more solid clear sound and better sustain. if swamp ash were the "chevy", this would be the "cadillac". even though most people who frequent ebay don't drive cadillacs, it doesn't mean you can't play one. top & bottom woods are book matched. the body is hollowed out all around, not just under the -f- hole. the center is solid. this body weighs under 4 1/2 pounds. so, if your looking for that high end studio solid sound, this body is where to start. body is sanded to 150 grit all around. we did the hard work, you bring it alive with your unique finish. free shipping on this item!

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