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Real Deal 1963 Telecaster, Olympic White, non-original case

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(please disregard ebay's rigid policies and see the end of this description for my shipping, payment and return policies, they differ from those stated by ebay.)

selling my '63 olympic white tele. this guitar has ideal 1963 tone, feel and vibe. it's light and resonant, weighing between 6 1/2 & 6 3/4lbs. the white has yellowed nicely. the finish has a fair amount of wear, particularly on the back where the buckle rash is. however, the even though some of the finish has been worn away, the back is smooth and comfortable. the photos are a very good representation of the guitar's condition. the neck has been worn as smooth as glass and the sound is classic early '60s tele.

here are the items to disclose: 1) when i got the guitar, someone had installed a strat pu in the neck position requiring them to remove about 1/16" of wood from each side of the pickup pocket. you can see this in the photos as the pocket has squared up sides rather than the smoother, rounded look. the original pu was in the case and has been professionally reinstalled, it sounds fantastic. the strat pu will be included.
2) in addition, the original neck pu cutout in the pickguard was slightly enlarged too, to accomodate the strat pu.
3) in the picture of the neck pu pocket, it looks like there is a crack, there is no crack, but a piece of the finish must have flaked off.
4) the guitar has brass barrels in the bridge, however, the original threaded steel bridge barrels were in the case and will be included. they are not anywhere near as rusty as they look in the photo, just mildly browned, and they work just fine. i've had both sets on the guitar and prefer the brass.
5) the case is a recent, aftermarket, fender style case.

buyer has 2 day inspection period and may return the guitar for a full refund less the ebay and paypal fees.

i accept paypal, money order/cashier's checks and eft/wire transfers. buyer to select and pay only the actual cost of shipping and insurance. ebay makes it confusing to give people flexibility in their payment and shipping options, but i will work with the buyer.

all in all this is a great, virtually all original example (the mods to the pu pocket & pickguard, notwithstanding) of a well played and loved 1963 telecaster, it was played so much because it sounds so great and is so much fun to play.