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Squier Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar *M4715

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squier standard telecaster electric guitar *m4715

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soundscheapinc. specializes in selling quality guitars at cheap prices. our guitars are hand-picked, described, photographed and sold in top-notch condition. these guitars were either moved out of the factory at below-wholesale prices, or they contained minor cosmetic issues that were not suitable for the show-room floor. all of these guitars are shipped from the factory to an authorized professional repair center. if the instruments have any cosmetic flaws or blemishes, they are repaired by qualified professional technicians. however, some cosmetic flaws are so small that they are merely left alone. we try our best to accurately describe the condition of our instruments to you in our individual listings. to prevent any false-advertising claims, the instruments have been assigned new serial numbers. these guitars play like new with no sacrifice in tone, construction, or playability.

the distinctive, hot tones of the original solidbody for a great low price.

upgraded throughout, the squier standard telecaster electric guitar features a fast-action neck profile modeled on a late '60s tele. a hot single-coil pickup in the bridge position provides all the bite you want for stinging leads. in the neck position, a chrome-covered single-coil provides clear, sweet tele tone. agathis body and maple neck with a rosewood fretboard adorn this squier standard telecaster.


fast-action neck agathis body maple neck rosewood fretboard

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