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Vintage 1976 Tele Project Relic Ash Genuine Fender Telecaster Controls Pickups

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                           cheap thrills!!

quality half finished relic 1976 telecaster project!!
           professional player guitar... this will be a good one!
                    please read the details
           needs assembly and setup
--genuine fender controls and pickups (the photo shows genuine fender tele neck pickup, and i will include two (2) bridge pickups (the original fender bridge pickup... and the one shown which is aftermarket)  these are used.  i will include the knob for the switch...( just was not in the photo).
-- solid ash body for great sustain, "like they used to be."  great fit to neck. proper vintage contour and cutouts specs.
--rare this body was custom made to be the correct vintage contour and correct vintage cutouts!!
-- semi-transparent blond over olympic white relic aged nitro relic finish
--warmoth tiger stripe maple replacement neck with the jumbo stainless steel frets. additional sustain and tone imparted by the frets. radiused neck. this neck is used, has a natural relic look,  has a small repair, but in great condition.
-- other genuine fender parts for assembly of this authentic 1976 tele. for example proper genuine 1976 neckplate! genuine 3-saddle fender (replacement) bridge, nice relic job on it. the bridge pieces may be original fender.
-- screws fender strap buttons with screws included. new pickguard screws provided. the mounting screws for the pickups are provided (but not pictured). other screws as picured,  but please note, you might need certain other screws . for example you might want to buy a set of new bridge screws and new neck screws (because i would not use the rusty "relic" neck screws... however, i included them because they came with the genuine 1976 fender neck plate.
-- the screw holes for the bridge, end pins, pickguard need to be drilled by the new owner.
-- correct tight fitting neck pocket (but not too tight), fit this neck by slipping the neck down from the top of the neck pocket. this contributes to sustain and stability.
-- final fit and set up is up to you. take your time. this is not a sloppy cheapo... i would not use the rusty "relic" neck screws that are pictured but they came with the genuine 1976 fender neck plate so i include them.  check all screw sizes and hole sizes.

14 day return policy.

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this has a fender licensed after market neck by warmoth (warmoth dot com) a highly respected builder. this has a standard tele headstock. tiger stripe maple. rosewood fret board. the jumbo stainless steel frets (you can read about these on the warmoth web site). as a prudent step i blocked out or obscured the logo in the images for the auction. it looks like the right logo, has a relic look, it has been touched up. i do not know if a licensed dealer applied this logo or not. it has gotoh tuners.

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additional shipping cost outside the usa: if you don't live in the usa, please understand this is offered only to buyers in countries covered by ebay's global shipping program. there is a substantial additional charge for this shipping service that the non-usa buyer will pay.  so if you are outside the usa, make sure you understand and qualify.
additional photos (headstock , etc.)... i apologize for not having a good photo of the front of the headstock.  it is beautiful, just like the back. i tried to add a picture, but there were bids almost immediately after posting, and ebay blocks additional photos after there is a bid. if you need addition images (of any part of the guitar), please use the ask a question feature, and tell me what you want to see, i will send by email.  thank you.