2016 Lemmy kilmister rickenbacker bass guitar

The lemmy kilmister rickenbacker bass guitar is a bass guitar that was manufactured by Rickenbacker as a two-pickup "deluxe" version of their first production bass, the single-pickup model 4000. This famed design was manufactured between 1961 and 1981, when it was replaced by an updated version dubbed the 24-2.Variant models of the 4001 include the 4001S, 4001LH, 1999 (European model), 4001V63 (reissue), 4001CS (a limited edition series based on Chris Squire’s 1965 British model RM1999) and the 4001C64S C Series, a recreation of Paul McCartney´s left-handed 4001S with a reversed headstock. There is also a lemmy kilmister bass guitar of the instrument.

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